Cut Diamond

Before setting out to purchase a diamond ring, either for an upcoming engagement or for a wedding anniversary as a reminder of your feelings towards your wife, there are a few things that every guy should know when it comes to buying a cut diamond.

The easiest way to evaluate a diamond before buying is using the four C’s:

Cut Diamond

The cut of the diamond is the first factor to consider when buying a diamond. A cut diamond refers to the diamond’s reflective qualities, and a professionally cut diamond will add brilliance. The brightness of a diamond has to do with the angles and finish of the diamond. Diamond much like Tanzanite make for some of the best tanzanite engagement rings on the market.

The cut diamond has been graded so that there is a value system to be applied to all diamonds, this is helpful to determine the value and price of a diamond. The cut diamond grading system includes: Ideal; Premium; Very Good; Good; Fair; and Poor. In the end, you have to make the decision for yourself which is the right cut diamond for what you need, want and can afford.

Diamond Clarity

During the formation process of diamonds inner flaws occur, and the clarity of a diamond is based on the number and size of these flaws and the visibility of the diamond. How clear a diamond looks determines the higher value, and of course the higher price of that diamond.

Diamond Color

When looking at the color of a diamond, the most desirable color is no color at all. This is because they will sparkle, or in more technical terms, allow the most refraction of light. Color of a diamond is permanent and will not change over time. Jewelers use a grading system with letters to determine color in a diamond, starting with ‘D’ being the highest, and ‘X’ being the lowest or light yellow in color.

The grade ‘D’, ‘E’, or ‘F’ refer to a colorless diamond, and ‘G’, ‘H’, and ‘I’ cover nearly colorless. To an untrained eye, a diamond that is graded in the ‘G’, ‘H’ or ‘I’ range will show virtually no color. Depending on the setting for the ring, the color of the diamond will be a consideration, a light colored setting like Platinum or White Gold would look better with a higher grade of diamond color. Asscher cut diamonds have enjoyed enormous popularity for many years.

Carat Weight

A diamond is measured in weight by the unit of a carat. The price of a diamond rises in connection to the higher weight of a diamond; this is because of the rarity of bigger diamonds. Something to keep in mind when buying a diamond is that the size is noticeable and therefore deserves careful consideration. Carat weight should not be confused with the purity of gold, which is based on the karat unit or system.