Scott Eastwood

Best known for: The Longest Ride

Potential breakout role: Snowden or Overdrive

Remember Scott Eastwood in Flags of our Fathers?

While you might have thought that he only got the role because of his father (you’re familiar with Clint, right?), Scott Eastwood has now made some headway into making his own name for himself as he garners more projects. He might be best known for a film role in a Nicholas Sparks adaptation, The Longest Ride, he also costarred in one of Taylor Swift’s music videos – Wildest Dreams. And yes, that definitely matters with over 316 million views online and counting. So now Eastwood has roles in Overdrive, Suicide Squad, and the upcoming much-talked-about Snowden. Look for more roles for this Eastwood in the upcoming year!


Millie Brown

Millie Brown

Best known for: Intruders

Potential breakout role: Stranger Things

Millie Brown has had a few TV roles since 2013, when she starred in two episodes of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland as Young Alice. Before this year, she was perhaps best known for her recurring role in the BBC America show Intruders as Madison O’Donnell. Millie’s acting career has been fortuitous thus far. Within three months of being in Los Angeles, she was offered the ABC role, and after just one self-taped audition, she joined Intruders. And now, after one-off roles on shows such as NCIS, Modern Family, and Grey’s Anatomy, Brown is garnering national attention in her starring role as Eleven in the new Netflix Originals mini-series, Stranger Things. If you haven’t (binge) watched this show, do it today. You won’t regret it, and we are pretty sure you’ll be seeing more of Millie Brown in the near future.


Morgan Saylor

Morgan Saylor

Best known for: Homeland

Potential breakout role: White Girl


Most people might be familiar with Morgan Saylor as Dana Brody, the wayward daughter on the hit Showtime series Homeland. After that series ended, Saylor procured roles in McFarland, USA and Being Charlie—both of which didn’t gain much national attention. However, Saylor still made our list as she now stars in White Girl, where she’ll play a college girl who goes to extremes to win back a boy she just met.